This week at Rite Aid is kind of crazy with all the Points Blizzard deals. It became more crazy when we all woke up Sunday morning and found that we couldn’t use points at rite aid because the system was down!


It was true!

But it’s all working again! I came home from work, had dinner and dragged the girls to Rite Aid.

Here’s what we got (as pictured above minus 9 cases of water)

2 Almay makeup removing wipes B1G1 50% off

2 Almay lip glosses (this was a total mistake I’ll explain below)

1 Big Win bag of individual trail mix packets

10 cases of Nestle Purelife Water

6 Colgate Mouthwash

1 Lysol Wipes (another fail I’ll explain below)

2 Hershey Cookie Layer Crunch

2 Daylogic men’s razor blade refills

So, why did I buy all these seemingly odd items…and the elephant in the room…10 cases of water?!

The water is on sale 2 for $6.00 and part of points blizzard. I had 5 $1.00 off 2 coupons which makes them 2 for $5.00.

10 cases total $30.00

Minus $5.00 in coupons

Minus $10.00 in blizzard points back when you spend $30.00

Equals $15.00 for ten cases or $1.50 per case. That’s well below stock up price for bottled water and an amazing deal!

I got this water deal from Daniel (Couponsareawesome is his username on YouTube and Instagram) so, thank you to him.

What are your favorite deals at Rite Aid this week? Let me know what you picked up!

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